Sunday, August 21, 2011

Seasons Come and Seasons Go

Hello to my invisible readers. In the last several months so much has changed in my life! A lot has stayed the same. I'm in a place I never dreamed I'd be, on a few different levels. I'm 96% happy. And 4% confused. I love my job. I adore my boys. They are the light and future. No, I'm not drunk, just very introspective this morning. :)

I've had a wonderful spring and summer and even with some pretty frequent and serious obstacles, I've managed to overcome and really live my life. I'm feeling pretty freaking good about it! I have met some wonderful and real friends who I'm not sure I can live without now. I've improved other relationships and let some wither. I am not proud of that and am trying to find a way back and make things right.

I'm looking forward to Christmas in the middle of August and so very glad Fall is right around the corner. The summer heat is smothering me. I need clean, crisp, cold air soon.