Monday, May 17, 2010


It's been all winter since I've blogged. My full time job has kept me quite busy and my free time to blog has been spent on Facebook!

Working is cool. It's also not cool. I love the money. I love feeling like a contributing member of society. I love working from home. It's changed our family dynamics for sure. Not working full time since 1998 made for some big changes, but I think we've all faired well with it.

There are a couple of really annoying things that working has caused: a dirty house most of the time and no garden or pretty new flowers in my overgrown beds. It's all I can do to keep the dishes done, the fridge full and the laundry clean. Jeff is a huge help and I am so glad he's not some macho knuckle dragger that thinks cooking and cleaning are women's work.

The kids are fine. They know I'm back here in the office and can pass notes under the door or come in when I'm not on a call. I spend my breaks with them and can hear them fighting as they do their chores. It's all good.

I do miss having all day to my very own self with no real time schedule and doing what I want when I want. But I felt lazy and the kids really don't need me 24/7 like they used to. Working has been great for me and for all of us.

Heres to a great summer ahead! Isaac and I will be flying to DC and NYC in June for the Smithsonian Middle School trip and Jeff and Ben will take that week and bond up in Salmon. The rest of the summer will be all work and no play until fall. Jeff and I hope to take a cruise to celebrate our 20th anniversary. We'll see if that falls into place!

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