Monday, January 05, 2009

Seventy Some Odd Minutes...

That's how long it took me to shovel the driveway and sidewalks just now. Are you kidding me? Usually Jeff does all the shoveling, but today, I had nothing but time. So, I paraded on out there with my pretty little scarf and my fashionable orange gloves to do a little shoveling.

Ok. The lower back felt it first. Then my arms. I got the giggles. I hurt myself several times. It was still snowing and covering up my hard work! I think the neighbor man down the way was very entertained. I pretended not to see him.

After awhile, I was in the rhythm. My muscles felt warm and didn't hurt anymore. I took off my scarf. I hummed. I did a good job!

Now, when Jeff arrives home, he will see a huge snow bank that he will have to break through to get onto the driveway. Oops. I think I should leave snow shoveling to Jeff. I am much better at sitting by the fire with a good book. I do that INCREDIBLY well!

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