Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Really News?

The news is so incredibly stupid today. Granted, I am on my last nerve and want to shoot everybody I talk to, but really--the news is as dumb as I've ever seen it and I'd feel this way even if I weren't homicidal.

The following caught my attention--

Researchers in London have discovered that dogs have emotions. And maybe horses too. Really?

Micron will no longer be supplying tissues for their employees. Surprised.

Oprah is lamenting her weight. Who isn't?

How To Tell If You're Rich. Look at my bank account? Duh.

Illinois Governor corrupt! Wow. That is amazingly hard to believe.

People who get cold sores have a huge chance of ending up with Alzheimer's. Dementia here I come!

Man killed by being wrapped in a paper bale in Boise was drunk. Hmmmmmm.

And last but not least: Smart men have better sperm count. And I quote:

The smarter the man, the higher the quality of his sperm, new research published in the journal Intelligence shows. But women having difficulty conceiving shouldn't question their partner's intelligence and men who aren't quite geniuses should not worry about their ability to father children(ever been to Alabama?), lead researcher Rosalind Arden of Kings College London told Reuters Health.

It's not necessarily that women are going to favor men who are going to be rocket scientists, fantastically intelligent, fantastically cool," Arden added. "They might just say, 'I'd rather not have the guy who has a whole suite of unpleasant characteristics, I'd rather have the guy who is at least average."

Amen sister!

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