Friday, December 26, 2008


My in-laws arrived Tuesday! We don't know why, but for some reason, our pets are not fond of Jeff's dad--or if they are, they have a funny way of showing it.

Years ago, in our very first house on the bench in Boise, our cat Rushie clawed the Be-Jesus out of Bud's private area if you know what I mean. He was sitting at the table eating, when all of the sudden he tried to leap straight up out of his chair hitting his knees on the table and yelling something like "Oh holy, **)(*&^%^$!!"

A few years ago, our kitten Clover got shut in our walk-in closet. Bud had left his suitcase laying on the floor, open. Apparently, Clover decided it was the closest thing to a litter box she could find and relieved her self. Lovely.

And just the other night, our dog Belle scarfed up a can of Pedigree chopped beef and finished off the Salmon pate' the cats didn't eat and promptly threw up the entire contents of her stomach right into Bud's crotch while he was sitting on the couch. In the pandelerium that followed, Isaac threw up under the tree from the stench, I gagged so hard I tinkled my panties and we all laughed so hard it was ridiculous.

I have no idea why Bud thinks it's a good idea to visit us....but I'm glad they are here. We had a wonderful Christmas!


Vix said...

I'm glad we missed the throwing up part the other night...I don't think Todd could have handled that! We had tons of fun with you guys!

Beatnik said...

Oh my god! That is hilareous!
Sorry Bud, but that is some funny stuff!