Sunday, December 21, 2008


Isn't it great to watch your kids (or kids in general) around this time of year? Their eyes are shiny and they have a perpetual silly grin on their faces. My kids have been spending hours out on the hills by the pond sliding down onto the ice in their sleds. Their little red noses and cheeks are so cute! Then they troop in the house (with several friends) dripping snow and snot everywhere wanting hot chocolate. I love it!

Yesterday I made lavender sachets from the plant I harvested. I asked
Ben and his little buddy Kolin to deliver them to our neighbors with cards attached. Ben put on his Santa hat and told Kolin he would be Santa, and Kolin could be his elf. Because Kolin is such a little sweetheart, he readily agreed. They traipsed around the block ringing doorbells and saying "HO HO HO" as they gave out the items.

Isaac's friend Anthony stayed with us last night and he told us he's pretty sure he's getting what he wants because his mom has been acting happy and told him it he was going to be so excited Christmas morning. Kids are so fun to talk to. They are honest and you never have to guess how they feel. For example....we asked the kids if they wanted to go to Chuck' A Rama today and Anthony said, "Actually, if you don't mind, I prefer Golden Corral." Isn't that funny?!

It snowed last night and the kids can't wait to get out there! Have a great day and relax and enjoy the season....let some stuff go that doesn't really matter. Hug your husband and kiss the kids. Pet the dog and scratch the cat. Sit down and look at your tree. Let people know how important they are to you. XOXO

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Beatnik said...

Or go to the Golden Corral with some old friends and reflect on how important they are to you. :-)