Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election Hangover

Today I felt a range of emotions. Fear, awe, pride, sadness, exhaustion.

If the President-Elect really is who I've researched him to be, then I am very anxious about the future. His ideas and plans for this country are radical and so far left he's almost off the map.

I have a feeling, the majority of people who voted for him think he will govern down the middle. He won't. Don't be surprised when it gets painful and ugly.

This country has made it through plenty of presidents with problems, incompetent people around them and horrible policies. We seem to always recover and move on. Let's hope we can do so again if the next four years go terribly wrong.

I'm proud that as Americans we can transfer power in a peaceful manner and that we can disagree with our government without fear.

How is my husband feeling about the outcome? He bought a Mossberg shotgun on his lunch hour today.....hmmmmmmm. (Marge Simpson sound.)


Jayna Shaye said...

I, too, am terrified. I sat in my living room last night, in horrified silence, with my son by my side and almost cried with the fear and anxiety I feel for our future.

I am amazed that so many people were impacted by the popular media. So many people were swayed by Oprah and Matt Lauer and Katie Couric and the obvious bias of the mass media.

I am scared, but I have a strong family and good friends. When it gets too bad we can all go live together in a commune in Canada!

You're invited!!

Beatnik said...

Im not so worried. I dont worry about too much anyway. Sure we elected the first president ever with his own Logo! You could see his logo and know exactly what it is. Just like McDonalds and the Golden Crotches, or Starbucks and that whacky siren Bitch on their logo! But that aside, the president doesnt have a whole lot of power without Congress and Senators to back his Ideas up, and those people are scared to death we are not going to re-elect them. So they dont do too much without public support. The President can try, but the people always seem to prevail. I do on the other hand have a feeling this country is about due for some sort of revolution. It has gotten insane with all the Corporate Greed, people running amok with no accountabilty in society, and the Handouts of the Government aiding the whole thing along. AIG had yet another Resort meeting paid for by Corporate, the day before asking for more Billions! The condition this country is in, through no fault of any President, I feel is the reason that old Logo won! People historically have voted for the opposite when they feel they have been let down by the last sitting party in the Presidents seat. Meanwhile, I am going to see if there are any better handles for this handbasket we are now in.

Lets move to that Commune. Stat!

Beatnik said...

I didnt mean "we" as in people like me who didnt vote for Logo man in my previous statement, I meant a collective we as in participants of this Republic and its Voting Majority. I realize people like us did not cast a vote for this guy, so its a loose we.:-)

Anonymous said...

Well I have to agree with Jeff's reaction .... Hope all is well.