Saturday, November 22, 2008

Congratulations Salmon Savages!

The Salmon Savage football team (with the wonderful Dani Rosin as manager and my neice!) won their first ever state championship game last night against Fruitland on the smurf turf!

In fact, it was Salmon's firt time to even go to state in football! Those kids were hyped up! Jeff and I went and took our boys. I had several family members come down. In the stands, we saw nearly the entire town of Salmon! We got to visit with several of our classmates (wow, twice in one year!) and it was really fun.

Right now I am waiting for my nails to dry, watching it snow, watching BSU play Nevada, and am about to get ready and hit the town with Jeff and some friends. The boys are at a sleepover and all is well.

Until we meet again!

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