Thursday, October 09, 2008

I feel like a Bear!

Today is cold and windy and I want to get in bed and hibernate!! I talked with the clerk at Jackson's and she said she felt the same way! Alas, I cannot hole up for the winter because I am headed south of the border in 3 days.

In preparation for my trip to Cancun, I have been trying to organize not only myself and what I will need to take, but also our household. I've prepaid all the bills, washed all the laundry, bought groceries, etc. etc. I just want things to go as smoothly as possible for Jeff and the boys while I am gone. I have never left the three of them for more than a few days. This time I will be gone 8 days.

Jeff is so good with the boys that I am not worried a bit about their well being. I do worry the kitties will be forgotten and Belle may not get enough lovin'. On my days off, Belle is my shadow. If I sit down, like I am at this very moment, she is on my lap. It's fun to try and type with her heavy snout pushing down on my arm!

In all the worry about getting ready, I find that I forget what a wonderful time I might have! My manager told me to take my dancing shoes! She has been on several of these trips to various tropical locations and says dancing and socializing are a huge part of the overall experience. My new strappy sandals are already in my suitcase! Actually, I have to take them out and wear them Saturday night though, because Jeff is taking me dancing to break them in!

When I talk about going, Benny gets a bit melancholy. He keeps asking how many days we have left together :( I hope to talk to them while I'm gone, but it will cost 99 cents a minute on my cell phone. Texts are 50 cents. I may buy a calling card down there and call from special phone booths they have available.

Anyway, I am almost ready and trying to pack light. The stupid airlines now charge for checked luggage, so I am really trying to get a week's worth of dress clothes, casual clothes, swimming suits, etc. into one bag. Oh, and it can't weight over 50 pounds! One packing web site said I should roll up my panties and stuff them in my shoes. I said, "No way! That's gross!"

I'll share pics when I get back. Happy Fall!

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