Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Here are my pumpkins with theirs!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cancun/Riviera Maya

Wow. I am back in the real world and am happy to be here! The trip to Cancun/Riviera Maya was fantastic and wonderful, but to be home with my 3 guys is incredibility grand.

I took over 500 pictures. Hundreds of them are of the 27 properties I inspected, i.e., pools, rooms, restaurants, spas. After awhile, those all start looking the same! I took a picture of each property's name before entering, so it is somewhat organized on my camera.

There are many pros to Cancun. There are some pros and many cons to Riviera Maya. It really depends where you stay down that way. Cancun properties for the most part have lovely beaches, gorgeous blue/green water and modern and clean resorts. The beaches further south are more rocky and the water not so blue. Also, RM has bugs because they are still surrounded by mangrove. The locals call the mangroves "jungle" but I call it brush in the water.

Right now, it's the rainy season and as you can see from some of the pictures, the hotels have very low occupancy. The hotels that were also timeshares had more clients. A lot of families were at the Moon Palace and the Grand Mayan. The high season is January-April. And during Spring Break, I guess it's almost impossible to get a place by the pool or a palapa by the beach.

I visited the biggest disco in Latin American, called The City. It was fun, but I had horrible high heels on that killed my feet. I ended up walking back to the hotel barefoot in the rain!

We got to shop on 5th Ave. in Playa Del Carmen which was super fun! I bought a sarong, coffee, etc. I treated myself at the Moon Palace by getting a pendant with my initials in the Mayan alphabet in gold on a lapis background surrounded by silver. Gorgeous!

At Secrets Silversands, I had a manicure at the spa. It was the least expensive on the menu at $70! She gave me a neck, face and head rub in addition to a wonderful manicure, but still!

The food was all inclusive in the resorts we stayed at (Dreams in Cancun, Secret Silversands in Riviera Maya) and we took advantage! Plus, they stock your fridge everyday with beer, soda, water, juices. I put guac on everything I ate. That and the beer explains why I put on 7 pounds. Cripes!

We walked over 5 miles a day and each hotel we visited was a 60-90 min. presentation/tour. They are all beautiful, and the Mexican people are so nice and service oriented. I will certainly go back, and take the kids and Jeff. I think we'll stay at the Grand Mayan, since it's included in our travel club membership. Even though it's down in the RM, their beach is much better than some of the newer resorts who haven't had time to get rid of rocks and bring in sand. Overall, it was fun, tiring and a bit expensive, but very well worth it!

The highlight for me was swimming in the azure waters of the Caribbean. It was like bath water, so warm and clear. The sand was like brown sugar mixed with powdered sugar. I didn't want to get out of the sea!--it was a dream come true for me to be there.

Here are some pictures.

The ones at the end are of leaving Mexico City...a city that seems to never end.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

I feel like a Bear!

Today is cold and windy and I want to get in bed and hibernate!! I talked with the clerk at Jackson's and she said she felt the same way! Alas, I cannot hole up for the winter because I am headed south of the border in 3 days.

In preparation for my trip to Cancun, I have been trying to organize not only myself and what I will need to take, but also our household. I've prepaid all the bills, washed all the laundry, bought groceries, etc. etc. I just want things to go as smoothly as possible for Jeff and the boys while I am gone. I have never left the three of them for more than a few days. This time I will be gone 8 days.

Jeff is so good with the boys that I am not worried a bit about their well being. I do worry the kitties will be forgotten and Belle may not get enough lovin'. On my days off, Belle is my shadow. If I sit down, like I am at this very moment, she is on my lap. It's fun to try and type with her heavy snout pushing down on my arm!

In all the worry about getting ready, I find that I forget what a wonderful time I might have! My manager told me to take my dancing shoes! She has been on several of these trips to various tropical locations and says dancing and socializing are a huge part of the overall experience. My new strappy sandals are already in my suitcase! Actually, I have to take them out and wear them Saturday night though, because Jeff is taking me dancing to break them in!

When I talk about going, Benny gets a bit melancholy. He keeps asking how many days we have left together :( I hope to talk to them while I'm gone, but it will cost 99 cents a minute on my cell phone. Texts are 50 cents. I may buy a calling card down there and call from special phone booths they have available.

Anyway, I am almost ready and trying to pack light. The stupid airlines now charge for checked luggage, so I am really trying to get a week's worth of dress clothes, casual clothes, swimming suits, etc. into one bag. Oh, and it can't weight over 50 pounds! One packing web site said I should roll up my panties and stuff them in my shoes. I said, "No way! That's gross!"

I'll share pics when I get back. Happy Fall!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Worth 1000 Words