Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oregon Coast

We recently spent a week on the Oregon Coast. We'd been promising the boys for years to take them and we finally came through!

We decided to enjoy the journey as well as the destination, and I think that is the only way to travel now. We usually drive hell bent for leather to get somewhere. This trip we meandered here and there and drove in the general direction of Newport, where we rented a condo for the week.

Some of the highlights for me:

The waterfalls east of Portland.
Crabbing off the dock and eating our catch.
Spending time with one of my oldest (long time known!) friends Sisi.
The 65 mph ride in the Florence sand dunes.
Seeing the whales off Depoe Bay.
Trying to find the best chowder on the coast (The Chowder Bowl at Nye Beach).
The sea lions on dock one.
Playing chicken in the pool with Jeff and the boys. (Jeff's 12 inches on me gives him quite the advantage!)

We traveled nearly 1400 miles. On the way home I read Oregon Ghost Stories aloud for 4 hours to keep us all entertained. The rest of the way we rocked out and ate junk food. We got home at 2am and fell into our wonderful bed with glee. The bed at the condo was marginally softer than the floor and after 6 nights, Jeff said "NO MORE!" and we left a whole day early just to get home. Here is a link to some of the over 500 photos we took.

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Beatnik said...

Oh! Mr Army guy says no more to a hard bed! Man oh man my image of that big softy has changed. Im glad you guys had fun though. Liesurely Vacations are the Best! Especially if there is Ocean and Beach involved. Oh and Dune Buggys.