Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tweny Year Reunion (gasp!)

We attended our 20th reunion last Thursday-Saturday in Salmon. The turn-out was good and seeing people I hadn't seen since graduation night was wild!

Jeff and I really enjoyed visiting with everyone. I had some great laughs with my old best friend Shanda--she hasn't changed a bit! Still crazy--and she secretly plants zucchini everywhere she goes, doctor offices, downtown planters in Boise, etc. She can't help herself!

Chuck and Tami Overacker hosted us Thursday night in at their awesome spread. They are great hosts and super fun people. Thanks you guys!

We really hit it off with Derek and Jenny Stringer (Prestwich). We plan on getting together with them as much as possible considering the distance between Kuna and Livingston MT!

Ken and Licy Frederikson are so hip and happenen! They brought wine and champagne from their own vineyard and it was so yummy. Thanks you two and we'll be in touch when we get to Chicago.

I could go on, but for now I'll just share some pics!

TJ and Marc

Marie, Shawn, Dodi, Michelle and Jeni

Me, Shawn and his lovely wife (sorry I forget her name!)

Rob and Jeff

Brian, Brad and Clint

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Beatnik said...

20 YEARS?!
You people are OLD! Holy Mackerel! When you went to school did they have cars? Or Busses?

Wow! But you sure look good for old people.