Friday, July 18, 2008

Summers' Summertime

Here's the boys and their beloved smoke bombs. They burned up hundreds of them over the last few weeks!
It's the middle of July and that means Jeff is doing his annual training for the National Guard. It gives us quite a bit of time together at home with the odd hours he is scheduled for this summer. He's been working some days, but mostly nights, 6pm-4:30am. He sleeps till noon and we have the afternoons together which is really nice. On days I work, he gets to spend great time with the boys doing manly things like messing up the house, not doing chores and using every dish in the cupboard. But they love their time together, so I won't complain about being the maid.

I've been reading lots and lots of books. I go through phases and I'm in one now for sure. I start another as soon as I'm done with one. In order to run the household, I reward myself with 30 minutes of reading by doing a load of laundry or getting the kitchen clean. I get books at the Kuna Library. The kids are reading too, and doing math workbooks their teachers sent home the last day of school. I don't want them getting behind and losing all the smarts they gained. They're pretty good about doing two pages a day.

Isaac is saving money to buy a "hand" chair. He's doing well. He has $118 saved from losing teeth, mowing the lawn, unloading the dishwasher, folding and putting away clothes and keeping his room clean.

Ben had close to $50 in his wallet when it came up missing in June. I hate to say this, but I think one of the neighborhood kids took it. Ben was really bad about showing off his wallet and the money inside. He left it on his headboard and one day it was gone. We have kids in and out all the time, so I assume that's how it vanished. He's learned a very expensive lesson. So now he's started over saving, but has a hard time not buying ice cream, candy and crappy-assed toys from the dollar store that break 7 minutes after he gets them.
The boys have been "swimming" in the shallow run off water in the park. It creates a little pond that is cleaner than the big pond, in which we don't let them swim. They love it. They've also been spending a lot of time at friends' houses swimming and playing. Watching them makes me want to be a kid again. They sleep so well at night after long days of playing outside. And surprisingly, the mosquitoes are not too bad this year. I think it's because we had such a long cold spring. But what do I know?

I cut my hours to 3 days a week/2 days a week and so on throughout the summer. So, every other week I have a 5-day weekend. It's really nice. My garden is doing great and we should have veggies here pretty soon.

Other than eating copious amounts of freezer pops, and all of the above, we don't do anything too exciting. We like hanging out in our house and yard and just being together. I hope you are enjoying your summer just as much! Ciao!


Beatnik said...

I am embarrassed to say, Otter Pops have surpassed Ketchup as the major food group in our house. I bet we are close to a record for polishing off a box. What we should do is since we both have four people in our families, we buy two boxes, and have a race! Well I am just trying to find some reason to get together and that sounded as good as any. Oh and we love Smoke Bombs too! I didnt buy enough when they were on sale. Lets get together before the end of Summer you guys! Lets do it!

Beatnik said...

Oh yeah! I got a Recipe for making sMoke Bombs! I havent tried it yet, but so want to do it. I will now and let ya know how that goes. I got it one time when the girls were excited to make them and something got in the way.