Friday, July 11, 2008

How Dumb Am I?

Apparently, pretty dumb. I just found out that I've been paying for ILD Nationwide Voicemail (on my Qwest bill) for the last 31 months. A Qwest rep informed me it's a third party and I must have signed up for it doing online surveys.

The problem with that is, I don't do online surveys. A call to ILD informed me that someone named Elizabeth Kelly listed my phone number as a bill-to number while she was playing lotto online. I asked the company why they don't make sure the person signing up is actually connected to the phone number they provide. This was their response--"Well, she did check the box that said she was over 21 and responsible for the charges." I'm sure she did. However, she didn't get her nationwide voicemail service--I did. And I've paid $409.82 for something I've never even used. I know. Slap my ass and call me stupid. But with online bills these days, I never see a paper statement. I had Qwest sign me up for paper again. There is just something about having a bill in front of you that you can peruse. Really, who goes online to view their statement? Doesn't everyone just pay it and mark it off their list like I do? Probably not.

They said they would credit me the money, but only after August's fee was charged. So, in September, I am supposed to see a full credit on my Qwest bill. I gave Qwest a heads up and they basically said you can only hope they refund it. Why would they? Yeah, why would they?

I know none of you are as dumb as I am, but if you see ILD Nationwide Voicemail on your phone bill, it is not necessarily necessary and it is also not necessarily a Qwest charge.

I haven't told Jeff yet, but he probably won't be surprised. I've been known to do dumb things similar to this over the last 18 years. I think he'll just be thankful that I finally noticed it and we didn't pay for it for the rest of our lives! I think that's how he'll react. I hope.


Jayna Shaye said...

At least you weren't paying for voicemail while whitewater rafting without a boat.

See? You couldn't possibly be as much of a moron as I am!

Silver lining!

Beatnik said...

Oh yeah, I think Jeff will see the upside of this. Jeff is a reasonable guy. Is this your way of telling him? On the Blog?
Now see, I think he will have other problems to discuss now. It started out, "Honey, we dont talk any more!" Then it was, "How come you dont call my Cell phone any more? Then there was, "How come we dont text any more?" and soon it will be, "Hey, why dont we blog any more?"
What is after blogging anyway? Just Christmas cards to each other?

Just kidding! You two are more in love than kids!
Lets plan a play date! It was good to see you yesterday!