Thursday, July 31, 2008


It's been a very long time since I've felt real fear. That changed last Sunday afternoon when the four of us got a nice healthy dose of it. We decided to float the lazy little stream that runs through Kuna--Indian Creek. Well, it was not lazy, and we were in trouble almost from the start. We each had a tube, and the kids had life vests on. I also should have had one. After we each had numerous spills and crashes with trees, Ben lost his tube, jumped on mine, and then we hit a tree together. I remember rolling over backwards in the tube and hitting my head twice on the rocks below. I came up without Ben, but thankfully, Jeff had him. The current was so strong and I was dizzy and my legs would not work. I could not get on my tube. Eventually, Jeff got us to a place we could get out of the current and pulled us onto a small island. There, we caught our breath, assessed the damage and realized we had to get back in the creek to finish and get to our car at the Kuna City Park. None of us wanted to, we were so beat up and tired. But of course we did and made it. We won't be floating anytime soon. It scared Jeff and I to think what could have happened if he had not been able to keep us together and the kids had not been wearing life vests. It's bothered us all week. It went wrong so fast.

Friday, July 25, 2008

RIP Estelle

The passing of Estelle Geddy makes me remember how much laughter she and her cohorts brought me when I needed it most. I had just had Isaac and was having bouts of depression and loneliness staying at home by myself, alone, with a baby, all day long. Each day, I looked forward to watching the Golden Girls. I love the theme song and the show made me laugh and feel good. Today, I just happened to catch a Golden Girls marathon in session on Lifetime. It still makes me laugh! Thanks Estelle, Rose, Blanche and Dorothy. And rest in peace Estelle.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Roaring Springs

Tickets to water park--$55
Dippin' Dots--$14
Strawberry Lemonade--$5

Spending the day swimming and riding crazy water rides with Isaac, Ben and their friend Anthony--Priceless.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Summers' Summertime

Here's the boys and their beloved smoke bombs. They burned up hundreds of them over the last few weeks!
It's the middle of July and that means Jeff is doing his annual training for the National Guard. It gives us quite a bit of time together at home with the odd hours he is scheduled for this summer. He's been working some days, but mostly nights, 6pm-4:30am. He sleeps till noon and we have the afternoons together which is really nice. On days I work, he gets to spend great time with the boys doing manly things like messing up the house, not doing chores and using every dish in the cupboard. But they love their time together, so I won't complain about being the maid.

I've been reading lots and lots of books. I go through phases and I'm in one now for sure. I start another as soon as I'm done with one. In order to run the household, I reward myself with 30 minutes of reading by doing a load of laundry or getting the kitchen clean. I get books at the Kuna Library. The kids are reading too, and doing math workbooks their teachers sent home the last day of school. I don't want them getting behind and losing all the smarts they gained. They're pretty good about doing two pages a day.

Isaac is saving money to buy a "hand" chair. He's doing well. He has $118 saved from losing teeth, mowing the lawn, unloading the dishwasher, folding and putting away clothes and keeping his room clean.

Ben had close to $50 in his wallet when it came up missing in June. I hate to say this, but I think one of the neighborhood kids took it. Ben was really bad about showing off his wallet and the money inside. He left it on his headboard and one day it was gone. We have kids in and out all the time, so I assume that's how it vanished. He's learned a very expensive lesson. So now he's started over saving, but has a hard time not buying ice cream, candy and crappy-assed toys from the dollar store that break 7 minutes after he gets them.
The boys have been "swimming" in the shallow run off water in the park. It creates a little pond that is cleaner than the big pond, in which we don't let them swim. They love it. They've also been spending a lot of time at friends' houses swimming and playing. Watching them makes me want to be a kid again. They sleep so well at night after long days of playing outside. And surprisingly, the mosquitoes are not too bad this year. I think it's because we had such a long cold spring. But what do I know?

I cut my hours to 3 days a week/2 days a week and so on throughout the summer. So, every other week I have a 5-day weekend. It's really nice. My garden is doing great and we should have veggies here pretty soon.

Other than eating copious amounts of freezer pops, and all of the above, we don't do anything too exciting. We like hanging out in our house and yard and just being together. I hope you are enjoying your summer just as much! Ciao!

Friday, July 11, 2008

How Dumb Am I?

Apparently, pretty dumb. I just found out that I've been paying for ILD Nationwide Voicemail (on my Qwest bill) for the last 31 months. A Qwest rep informed me it's a third party and I must have signed up for it doing online surveys.

The problem with that is, I don't do online surveys. A call to ILD informed me that someone named Elizabeth Kelly listed my phone number as a bill-to number while she was playing lotto online. I asked the company why they don't make sure the person signing up is actually connected to the phone number they provide. This was their response--"Well, she did check the box that said she was over 21 and responsible for the charges." I'm sure she did. However, she didn't get her nationwide voicemail service--I did. And I've paid $409.82 for something I've never even used. I know. Slap my ass and call me stupid. But with online bills these days, I never see a paper statement. I had Qwest sign me up for paper again. There is just something about having a bill in front of you that you can peruse. Really, who goes online to view their statement? Doesn't everyone just pay it and mark it off their list like I do? Probably not.

They said they would credit me the money, but only after August's fee was charged. So, in September, I am supposed to see a full credit on my Qwest bill. I gave Qwest a heads up and they basically said you can only hope they refund it. Why would they? Yeah, why would they?

I know none of you are as dumb as I am, but if you see ILD Nationwide Voicemail on your phone bill, it is not necessarily necessary and it is also not necessarily a Qwest charge.

I haven't told Jeff yet, but he probably won't be surprised. I've been known to do dumb things similar to this over the last 18 years. I think he'll just be thankful that I finally noticed it and we didn't pay for it for the rest of our lives! I think that's how he'll react. I hope.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tweny Year Reunion (gasp!)

We attended our 20th reunion last Thursday-Saturday in Salmon. The turn-out was good and seeing people I hadn't seen since graduation night was wild!

Jeff and I really enjoyed visiting with everyone. I had some great laughs with my old best friend Shanda--she hasn't changed a bit! Still crazy--and she secretly plants zucchini everywhere she goes, doctor offices, downtown planters in Boise, etc. She can't help herself!

Chuck and Tami Overacker hosted us Thursday night in at their awesome spread. They are great hosts and super fun people. Thanks you guys!

We really hit it off with Derek and Jenny Stringer (Prestwich). We plan on getting together with them as much as possible considering the distance between Kuna and Livingston MT!

Ken and Licy Frederikson are so hip and happenen! They brought wine and champagne from their own vineyard and it was so yummy. Thanks you two and we'll be in touch when we get to Chicago.

I could go on, but for now I'll just share some pics!

TJ and Marc

Marie, Shawn, Dodi, Michelle and Jeni

Me, Shawn and his lovely wife (sorry I forget her name!)

Rob and Jeff

Brian, Brad and Clint