Wednesday, June 04, 2008

EYE-zik William

Ten years ago this morning, I gave birth to the "laughing conqueror." Many people have asked over the years why we chose the name Isaac....the answer is--he was conceived in a fit of giggles!! Both Jeff and I were overcome with something hysterically funny--we don't remember what, but we do know Isaac came into existence that silly day. Hence his name. William is my dad's middle name.

My nickname for Isaac is Willie or Will. For years, Benjamin couldn't say Isaac and called him Yisaac. Too cute. My mom calls him Eye-ball or Icicle. My sister Amy calls him Ike. Great names huh?!

He is so easy going. He is smart, generous and so handsome. He looks like Jeff!

Ten years ago last night, I chowed down on Whoppers and watched the playoffs. My water broke in the night and we rushed to the hospital. He weighed 9 lbs. 14 oz. He looked Asian. Black hair, slanted eyes, beautiful. Everyone thought he was adopted from China! When he was 4 months old, a guy at the Coeur d'Alene Resort got so excited when he saw him--he just knew we had adopted him from China--and he had just filed paperwork to adopt from there too! Wow! So funny. Even now, I see the Asian in him, but I have no idea which side of the family he's taking it from.

Only about 1/4 of the population can spell his name correctly, so he will be spelling it out for people the rest of his life. Even teachers can't get it. I'll give them a break though, because there are so many parents spelling their kids names so exotically now, that it's hard to tell. But we went with the Biblical spelling to keep it somewhat simple!

So today I'm taking Isaac and 7 buddies to Planet Kid, out for pizza and back to our house for cake and presents. I had to borrow a mini-van, because I am not a mini-van mommy, but today, I will drive the van with pleasure!

Happy Birthday, Honey. And I forgive you for making me crave Mexican food and gaining 70 pounds during pregnancy.

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Beatnik said...

Happy Birthday Isaac!

Dang, how cool is that? You get to ride in a Mini Van on your Birthday. I want to ride in a Mini Van on my Birthday too. I want everyone to have cowboy guns, and be running across the Desert in the Mini Van with the doors open, and shooting stuff! And everyone will laugh and drink lemonade. Pink Lemonade with Lemon seeds floating in it. And we will all eat Graham Crackers and talk like Robots. Your invited, you and Ben.