Friday, May 16, 2008

Wonderful Life

Hey you all. I have really let the time go by haven't I?

There is a reason for that--I actually have a job! Last August after we returned from Vegas, I had a message from Uniglobe Travel. I had applied to all of the agencies last March and never heard from any of them, so I was surprised and very excited.

Long story short, they hired me and I am loving it! I work 3 days a week in downtown Nampa. The perks are great, although I've not yet taken advantage of them!

The kids are well. Isaac took 6 months of tutoring at Huntington Learning Center finishing in April. He did well and brought those math grades up--whew! We figured we'd better take care of any problems now and are really pleased with the way he overcame his fear of math. Of course he's ready to be out and they do finish May 29th, so he doesn't have to wait too long! He'll start 5th grade in August. My baby!

Ben is in 2nd grade at the moment and doing fine. He spends his days climbing the willow trees after school and getting as dirty as he possibly can. He could live outside. Honestly, he hates being indoors.

Jeff and I spent 4 days in Sunset Beach, California in February. We had a cottage right on the beach and really enjoyed the solitude. The bar next door, King Neptune's, served fantastic clam chowder and some really decent shots! We made friends with the bar tender and he spoiled us all night (spoiled meaning giving us free concoctions to try, therebye, getting us completely hammered!). I wasn't such a big fan of his the next day.

We are heading to Salmon for graduation on the 30th. My nephew Cody will be walking. How insane is it that time can pass so quickly? He was a little red-headed chubby baby not so long ago!

We've been playing Rock Band on our XBox and loving it! How fun is it to rock out with our boys? Fantastic. You should hear Ben belt out the Stones "Give Me Shelter!" And Isaac can drum the hell out of "Dead or Alive." I scored a 100% singing Ozzy's "Paranoid." Take that Jeff! He's always cringed when I sing to the radio, or in the shower, or anywhere! But I'm not sure if singing Ozzy perfectly is a good thing or if it should scare me!

Tonight I get my first tatoo(s). I'll take pics and post them here soon! Hint--The title of this blog will be somewhere on my body after tonight!

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