Saturday, May 24, 2008

Most Bestest Fantastical Neighbor in the Universe!!!

Ok. How would you like it if every morning around 6:00am the neighbor's snorting, farting, puking dog let herself into your house through the doggie door, ate your cat's food, then came and jumped into bed with you?

This happens to our neighbor Anna most everyday. Who might this dog be you ask? Well, ours. Yep. It's Belle(y) Buttons. I feel bad, but Anna swears she loves it when Belle visits. Even at 6:00am. Anna is a saint. Her black lab, Porter, is Belle's best buddy and they get into all sorts of mischief together. In fact, we've both been sited for having an "at large dog" thanks to the world's most worstest neighbor across the street who turns everybody in for every little thing. Yes, she has no life. I won't mention her name, but I want to.

Anywhoo....Anna has Belle's pictures on her screen saver and her myspace page, so I guess she really must love Belle. And really, who could blame her?! She also takes Belle on walks if she sees her in her outdoor kennel while we are not home, and returns her safely on her return.

So, here's to you Anna. You are officially the best neighbor in the universe. Thank you for putting up with us. We know 99.9% of the population would certainly have an issue with this situation. Please don't ever move!

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Beatnik said...

Every Morning? I think Anna is the one dealing with "Special" neighbors if ya know what I mean.