Friday, May 23, 2008

Indy Rides Again

We took the boys to Indian Jones last night--opening night. The freeway was backed up for miles at the exit to the theatre! Thankfully I'd bought tickets on Fandango earlier in the day, because it was sold out. The movie was very entertaining even with Indy moving much more slowly than he used too.

They bring back annoying Marion (the shot shooting irritating Mongolian tavern owning chick). I could tell she hasn't acted since. Cate Blanchett's Russian accent was a bit ridiculous. And her hair never gets messed up. Never. Not once. And none of their clothes ever get dirty. No matter how much they roll around on the ground and punch each other and throw each other around, no one gets dirty or messes a hair up. I guess that's Hollywood for you. It's a bit long, but Shae LeBouf (spelling?) was great. I think he has a future for sure.

We got home at 9:30pm with the boys still asking why did this happen and who was that guy and why did she do or say that....I couldn't answer them. I'm still not sure I understand the premise of the movie, but I got the gist of it!

It's worth seeing on the big screen and I'm glad we went. Ben is an Indy freak right now. He has a huge poster, he paid for, on his wall, has all the books, has seen the movies and wants a messenger bag and hat next. At least he's grown out of wearing his Spidey suit around the neighborhood 24/7.

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