Wednesday, May 21, 2008

And The New American Idol is....(DVR quit recording)

Can you believe that?! Perfectly bad timing! We had to jump on the internet to find out who won! After sitting through two hours (fast forwarding commercials of course) of singing, dancing, and a weird looking Donna Summer.

Overall, it was quite a good show. David Cook rocked it with ZZ Top. That was the best music all night. The best dancing? Not the contestants from the dancing show, Jack Black! Yes. I loved that spoof of the Pips and almost burst a lung watching him. Funny men are it for me.

So Cook won. Wow. Little David is probably getting whipped as I type by his monster stage dad. Poor kid.

And George Michael is back. His song was a complete downer, but I liked the message. He's done his time and deserves another shot. Give peace/love a chance.

I think Simon was privy to the winner, so he did some back-tracking about his comments last night. He covered his arse.

Why didn't Jimmy Kimmel razz Randy? Can Randy not take a joke? Hmmmmm.

That is it for now. Until next year!

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