Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sweet Sweet Summertime

Hope all of you alls summer is going great! We are having a very good time–been riding our hogs, swimming, playing with friends...really just a great time. Jeff is currently serving his two weeks for National Guard and loving it. Shooting and flying in Black Hawks–how can it get any better?! He took his Micron boss up the other day and scored some MAJOR brownie points!

After the Guard thing, he will have worked 32 days without a day off–between Micron and Guard. Because he will need a break, and because I insisted, we are headed off to Vegas the second week of Aug! My folks will have our kids for two glorius, splendid weeks, and me and Jeff will only have to worry about when to eat, sleep and gamble. One of those weeks will be spent here at home just doing absolutely nothing!

The kids will be starting school on the 22nd. I decided not to take the Lunchroom Monitor position again....10 hours a week really cuts into my free time!!!! And I am not kidding...I do not know how women who work full time even start to get anything done around the house, or even find time to file their nails. I am so totally spoiled I am no good at all! Just can’t hack the working thing. Good thing Jeff doesn’t care if I work or not. He is truly the best man alive today. (How on earth did I land him?)

Well, that is about all we are up to. Be sure to email me or drop by to see us when you get to Kunaville! XOXO Julie