Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Puppy Love

I hope all of you are having a super spring! My lilacs are leafing out and my tulips are close to blooming! I love this time of year....in fact, every spring Jeff and I get motorcycle fever...you know that feeling–being free on a bike with the wind in your face out in God’s gorgeous places. Well, every year we push down those feelings and move on. But not this year! Yesterday we picked out 4 new motorcycles for all of us! By next week we will be out there riding in the wind! Things sure have changed since I rode when I was a kid...I wore shorts, tank top, tennies. Now my kids will have full gear...helmets, goggles, gloves, boots, chest protectors, thigh protectors, etc. It won’t feel as free, but will be much safer I know.
Jeff is enjoying his monthly Guard duty. Still filing papers and what not to apply for flight school. Lots of physicals and blood work, etc. He has also been taking private helicopter lessons in his spare time. We don’t see him as much as we’d like to. It’s all temporary though and good for him.
February was a busy time for us–we got our puppy on the 24th! She is fabulous. We also went to Salmon to celebrate my Grandma Bea’s 95th bday. The boys and I made a craft this year for their school valentines and it turned out great! (If you know me that little fact will shock you!) We did crayon hearts to give out and it was definitely a hit with the kids and their classmates.
I had a wicked sinus infection and missed some work. It’s funny how docs really don’t believe how bad you say it is...until they take an xray of your head and decide that yeah, it’s pretty bad, we better give you more meds....thanks.
I took my final exam, the TAP, for my travel agent course and passed with honours!!!!! I am very excited that I finished and got a good grade. I don’t know if I will ever work in an agency, but I could!
March has been so good to us so far! I love this month....first of all because it’s my birthday month and second because of the warm windy weather. We started Belle in puppy kindergarten and we are learning a lot! I hope she is too. Like how to crap outside!! Yay!! Me and the boys will be heading to Salmon for part of Spring Break. It will be a fun trip–we’ll get to travel to Rexburg (whoo hoo!) and watch my niece Dani dance, I’ll get to spend time with my sisters who I love dearly and hear all about their lives, and the kids will spend plenty of time with the cousins. Hope all of you have a wonderful and flowery spring!