Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Where Did Summer Go?

School starts tomorrow, and although I've been known to say that the first day of school is my favorite day of the year, it's not this year. My kids spent two weeks this month up in Salmon. I missed them so much. Jeff and I enjoyed our time at home and then flew to Vegas for 4 days. That was an incredible trip and we really needed it.

Now that we are back, I'm not quite ready to let the kids go back to school! They wanted to grow their hair this summer and so we let them. They look adorable! I just want to spend more time with them, but alas, it won't be. They are ready and I know it. They need to go back. It's just I enjoy their company so much. They make me laugh.

So, tonight we go meet their teachers and take supplies, etc. And early to bed of course. We had a really good summer together and kept very busy, hence no blogs!

Keep in touch out there!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sweet Sweet Summertime

Hope all of you alls summer is going great! We are having a very good time–been riding our hogs, swimming, playing with friends...really just a great time. Jeff is currently serving his two weeks for National Guard and loving it. Shooting and flying in Black Hawks–how can it get any better?! He took his Micron boss up the other day and scored some MAJOR brownie points!

After the Guard thing, he will have worked 32 days without a day off–between Micron and Guard. Because he will need a break, and because I insisted, we are headed off to Vegas the second week of Aug! My folks will have our kids for two glorius, splendid weeks, and me and Jeff will only have to worry about when to eat, sleep and gamble. One of those weeks will be spent here at home just doing absolutely nothing!

The kids will be starting school on the 22nd. I decided not to take the Lunchroom Monitor position again....10 hours a week really cuts into my free time!!!! And I am not kidding...I do not know how women who work full time even start to get anything done around the house, or even find time to file their nails. I am so totally spoiled I am no good at all! Just can’t hack the working thing. Good thing Jeff doesn’t care if I work or not. He is truly the best man alive today. (How on earth did I land him?)

Well, that is about all we are up to. Be sure to email me or drop by to see us when you get to Kunaville! XOXO Julie

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Long Weekend

Hi all! Hope your holiday weekend was super. Ours was VERY eventful...if you'd like to find out about our being stranded for several hours on Banner Summit and the rest of our happenings along with pics, you can read Jeff's blog (http://jeff.summershome.com)

My nephew John graduated on Friday night. Jeff said it was a great ceremony. I thought it was freakin' fantastic! The grads and their parents worked so hard to make it fun and not sad. There was audience participation (rain storm with our hands and feet!) and the atmosphere was light hearted and warm. The slide show focused on each grad from baby to now with pics and music. Comparing it to my graduation from the same high school 19 years ago, is like comparing Disneyland to a museum in Prague. Mine was dry and boring and formal. And afterward, we all just went our seperate ways. John's class spent the night a Twin Peaks (resort ranch) and enjoyed yummy food, hot tubbing, laser tag, and all sorts of games and music. My sister Jenny and Curt were chaperones and they all had a wonderful time. So, congratulations Johnathon Merle Rosin! I'm so proud of you! UofI will be lucky to have you! I love you very much!

We got some motorcycling in and lots of visiting. One sad thing did happen on Sunday....I took my puppy Belle to visit my Gma Bea in the skilled nursing home, and she did not know me. This has never happened before and just about tore me up. I know she was having an off day and was tired, but it still shook me. She had been asking about me all weekend...wanting to know if I was still in town. And when I finally show up to see her, she didn't know me. I love you Gma. And I'll come see you again very soon.

I never thought I'd say this, but Leadore/Gilmore was beautiful this weekend! The hills are still green and the wildflowers are so vivid and bright! It was very nice to ride out there. When you stop, you hear absolutely nothing. It's a great place to think.

I got to meet some of Jeff's childhood friends who camp up there every year. They are building a cabin and it is a super fun place. The kids had a ball and got filthy rotten dirty! Yay!

With all the late nights and early mornings and busy days, the ride home was very quiet and we were all a bit grouchy. I accused Jeff of looking at me in an evil way and told him he was being ridiculously slow on the corners. (This was after I told him to slow down because he was scaring me.) Poor guy was just trying to please me, but in my fatigued brain, I just knew he was being a jackass. The kids were starving, but Jeff didn't want to stop. That also made me mad. When me and the kids travel alone, I stop whenever they want to. It makes the whole trip more pleasant--but he wanted to soldier on and get home. Sheesh. The kids lived and we got home around 7pm.

We have 2 1/2 days of school left and then we will be free! Love to you all.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

On April 7, Jeff took his solo flight in a helicopter! He said it was incredible and fantastic and was grinning from ear to ear when he came home! I was just glad to see his big ol’ self! I have to admit I was a bit nervous for this big day of his. I couldn’t show it for the boys’ sake and I managed to take them to the Easter Egg Hunt at the city park without giving away my thoughts. Afterward, we all went out on our motorcycles and had a blast up in the Kuna foothills. The boys are really doing well–they’ve had a few crashes, nothing serious. They are getting more and more confident each time we go. Love to you all...Jules

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Puppy Love

I hope all of you are having a super spring! My lilacs are leafing out and my tulips are close to blooming! I love this time of year....in fact, every spring Jeff and I get motorcycle fever...you know that feeling–being free on a bike with the wind in your face out in God’s gorgeous places. Well, every year we push down those feelings and move on. But not this year! Yesterday we picked out 4 new motorcycles for all of us! By next week we will be out there riding in the wind! Things sure have changed since I rode when I was a kid...I wore shorts, tank top, tennies. Now my kids will have full gear...helmets, goggles, gloves, boots, chest protectors, thigh protectors, etc. It won’t feel as free, but will be much safer I know.
Jeff is enjoying his monthly Guard duty. Still filing papers and what not to apply for flight school. Lots of physicals and blood work, etc. He has also been taking private helicopter lessons in his spare time. We don’t see him as much as we’d like to. It’s all temporary though and good for him.
February was a busy time for us–we got our puppy on the 24th! She is fabulous. We also went to Salmon to celebrate my Grandma Bea’s 95th bday. The boys and I made a craft this year for their school valentines and it turned out great! (If you know me that little fact will shock you!) We did crayon hearts to give out and it was definitely a hit with the kids and their classmates.
I had a wicked sinus infection and missed some work. It’s funny how docs really don’t believe how bad you say it is...until they take an xray of your head and decide that yeah, it’s pretty bad, we better give you more meds....thanks.
I took my final exam, the TAP, for my travel agent course and passed with honours!!!!! I am very excited that I finished and got a good grade. I don’t know if I will ever work in an agency, but I could!
March has been so good to us so far! I love this month....first of all because it’s my birthday month and second because of the warm windy weather. We started Belle in puppy kindergarten and we are learning a lot! I hope she is too. Like how to crap outside!! Yay!! Me and the boys will be heading to Salmon for part of Spring Break. It will be a fun trip–we’ll get to travel to Rexburg (whoo hoo!) and watch my niece Dani dance, I’ll get to spend time with my sisters who I love dearly and hear all about their lives, and the kids will spend plenty of time with the cousins. Hope all of you have a wonderful and flowery spring!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Friday, January 26, 2007


Hey all.  Just doing a short recap since I have been lax in writing for so long.
December started out with Jeff taking his physical and the ASVAB test.  He scored really high!  I am so proud of him!  We took in some Christmas parties, went to see Trans Siberian Orchestra, saw Madison skate in the Holiday on Ice (wow!) and helped with the boys school parties.
I also finished my Travel Agent Course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am scheduled to take the TAP on February 25th.  If I pass, I will get my certification and be extremely happy!
Jeff's family joined us here in Kuna for Christmas.  Our living room was ridiculously full of presents!  How fun!
January started off with Benny's 7th birthday and my folks came down for the week.  Another birthday happened on the 5th--our new puppy!  She is a Boston Terrier and we can bring her home in March!
Jeff officially joined the National Guard on January 11th.
We decided to buy a new dining room set as we've had our current one for 17 years and it was used when we got it!!!  I wallpapered some and went on a crazy organization mission around the house.
Next week I will start working 2 hours a day at the school as a lunch monitor helping kids open milk, etc.  It will be fun!
I interview with Harmon Travel and since this is their busy time, they can't take anyone on at the moment, but hopefully in March.
That is our life so far this year.  Please keep in touch!  Love to you all.
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