Thursday, October 12, 2006

Stuck Up-town Coffee

Hi all. Some of you know I had a job at the new coffee shop here in Kuna. After meeting the WACKO owners I immediately quit. Freaks. It couldn't be that I am completely unemploy-able---or could it? No. They are so full of themselves that I could not stand being in the same room with them for the two hour meeting. I almost ran out of there. Anywhoo. That was interesting.

I can't stop listening to the new Killers CD, Sam's Town. My favorite is "For Reasons Unkown." These guys rock. Their first CD (Hot Fuss) was the best of 2004. And this one sounds just as good. Take a listen.

The boys will be starting swimming lessons again, (they failed the summer lessons!)but this time it will be at the Rec Center. Cross your fingers!

We were in Salmon for Homecoming and got to see my nephews play. John was nominated for King. It was really fun to see the familiar faces every year. My sister (newly single) talked me into going out with her and two friends. Hmmmmm. Let's just say that rednecks and booze is freakin funny! I'm going back in few weeks and taking my friend Deon and we are going to go out to be entertained by the great dancers at Whiskey Willies! Yee Haa!

Well. That is about all I know. Love to you all.