Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bachloretteing It (Spelling?)

Hi all. Jeff flew to Seattle Sunday morning and it has been a very long week without him! He gets in tomorrow at midnight and I can hardly wait! It would take me forever to get used to being a single mom. I don't know how women do it; or men for that matter, especially men!

And although we miss daddy, there has been some pretty fun stuff going on here! One night dinner was peanut butter and vanilla ice cream--yummy! Another night, we went to town and had french toast right after school. We've gone on long walks and rode bikes on the BMX track. But most of all we missed daddy!

After the kids go to bed I read or watch movies I know Jeff won't like. I've also been working a lot on my travel course. The software is a b*tch! Or I'm slow.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Sin City

Vegas Pics!

I’m home from Nevada. And I am so tired. I didn’t even want to blog, but I thought I’d better because the next couple of weeks I am going to be busy and won’t have time, so here goes!

We flew out after having a celebratory margarita at the airport. It’s HELL not flying with lip gloss. I hate terrorists. We took a taxi to the Luxor and got checked in with no lines–I know, that in itself is totally amazing!

We had a wonderful dinner at the restaurant in the Luxor and spent the evening wandering from our hotel down to and through NYNY. Before we knew it, it was 2am!
The next day we slept until 11am, spent several hours at the pool and took naps until it was time to go. We had to change rooms because our shower would not drain. One little side note here about the Luxor: the rooms and general hallways really need refurbished. Our air was hardly working either. And the pools waterfalls have been turned off for some reason as well. I’m pretty sure they rake in enough money to buy some carpets and fix the waterfalls, so I’m not sure why they don’t. And if you are at all effected by motion sickness, I suggest you stay somewhere else. The inclinators (not elevators because you move diagonally up and down the building to get to the guest rooms) made all of us nauseous for several minutes after we rode them.

Anywhoo–we walked to Mandalay Bay to see Ron White. He was completely sold out, so we were super glad we had pre-purchased our tickets a few months ago. We laughed so hard we almost threw up! He was worth every penny. After that, Andi went to bed and Britt, Deon and me went dancing at the House of Blues. That was the most fun I can remember having in years! My leg muscles still hurt! We got back to the room around 4am.

Strangely enough, I we woke up early and had breakfast. Deon relaxed by the pool while the other three of us went shopping. It was really hot there and after walking and no sleep from the night before, we all took naps. Later we walked to more hotels and looked for Criss Angel–Britt’s current obsession! Unfortunately, he was in New York this weekend so she had to settle for buying an outrageously expensive hoodie with "Mindfreak" on it. We tried!

Our last day we did more shopping and eating. Britt couldn’t get enough "weenas" from the NYNY hot dog stand! Andi splurged on a $7 ice cream cone. I yelled at the fish man. It was ridiculous and a long story, but let’s just say I really needed someone who can speak the language–that might have to be a pre-requisite when you work somewhere in America–just an idea. We also toured the Titanic Exhibit at the Tropicana. It was very sobering to see things from the ship and learn more about the people who were aboard that day. Amazing.

We flew home and reunited with our families who we missed terribly! My boys and Jeff spent 5 days in Salmon and took in my nephew’s football game and took a sight seeing airplane ride around the valley from Salmon Air. Benny fell asleep! Jeff said it was gorgeous and will be blogging and posting pictures soon.

That’s it for now–back to the real world!