Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Las Vegas Eve

Well I'm finally packed...after trying on 34 outfits and 50 pairs of shoes! (I'm kidding of course, but it was a lot!) Now I am ready to fall into bed and sleep very deeply.

Tomorrow will be a huge day for me and the other three gals going with me to Vegas. We plan on staying up all night tomorrow night because it is Britt's 21st bday! I don't even think I stayed up all night on my 21st--no I know I didn't because I got wasted at Hannahs and puked in my purse. How romantic!

It sounds like I am some alchy or something, but I'm not! I only drink socially and rarely get drunk. Anywhoo, this weekend looks to be very fun and exciting and hopefully relaxing. I plan to spend most of the mornings at the pool dozing.

Jeff and the boys drove to Salmon today. I miss them already! They made it safe and sound but Jeff is exhausted. He works so many hours I can't even stand it. And the drive to Salmon is tiring in itself. I hope he gets some much needed rest at his moms. They plan on taking day trips to the Divide, some caves out by Birch creek and a bunch of other stuff that guys find enjoyable! My sweet little boys will have so much fun. I got weepy kissing them good-bye this morning and hugged them over and over. I didn't want to let go of them. I took a dozen pictures of them and told them over and over how much I love and will miss them. They are the greatest things that ever happened to me.

Bud told me tonight he was glad he wasn't going with us girls because we would probably embarass him....I told him we were glad he wasn't going either! I wonder if he will really ever like me? We sure know how to dig at one another, but I love him in spite of the fact that he is a cramudgeon! And grumpy to boot!

Now my mother in law I cannot speak one word against. She has always been loving and fantastic. I wish she could come to Vegas with us, but her MS pretty much rules that out.

My folks are going camping this weekend with my sisters and the rest of the tribe. Today was my parent's 43rd anniversary--yay mom and dad! I love you guys! In fact, I love my whole family more than they even know.

Well, it's off to beddy-bye for me. Love to all of you.

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