Friday, August 04, 2006

Dog Days

I love this time of summer. No one is in a hurry (around my house anyway). We have really had a super week just lazing around. I've been planting stuff (I know it is the wrong time, but my friend Kate brought me 20-30 gorgeous plants from Edward's Greenhouse that were looking on the peaked side). The kids have been making up games to play and helping me outside. They've made forts in their rooms and stay up late whispering. Jeff's FINALLY off call--for a straight two months he was on call 24-7 and working so much I forgot what he looked like!

Yesterday he told the office he would not be available by phone, pager or carrier pidgeon and we took the kids to Roaring Springs! We played in the wave pool forever until we were so tired we could hardly walk out on wobbly legs! It was good for Jeff because his brain has been so consumed with work that I was sure he had forgot how to relax and have fun!

Next up is school shopping. I need to do an inventory of the kids clothes...I'm not sure exactly what they need. Last year I just went out bought a bunch of stuff only to find out that they didn't need half of it!

My sister Amy moved back to Salmon a week ago. It was just too hard to be with her kids having dad there and mom here. She landed a job the first day home at Rigby's pharmacy in Saveway's, so good for her! I will miss the heck out of Amy, Kinslee, Cody and Riley, but I know family is the most important thing for them to focus on.

Vegas trip coming up! The four of us girls going are getting plum silly emailing about what clothes to bring, hair do's and such! I feel 25 again! I was looking at dresses online last night and Jeff looked over my shoulder, saw the prices and said in his dry criptic way, "You better win at the slots in that dress." It is going to be so fun--we leave Aug. 31 and return Sept. 3.

Well best get on with my day. Love to you all!

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