Thursday, July 13, 2006


Holy crap is it quiet around here! I did not realize the noise children make--but without them here, it is so quiet I can hardly think!

I miss my boys so much--their little kisses and dirty feet. They are having a ball at grandmas and papa's house. They play in the dirt pile and treehouse. They've gone for a load of wood. Gma's taking them swimming today. They've caught flying grasshoppers and let them loose in the house! Yay!

I've managed to take one test and am working on my next study unit. Jeff and I just laughed at each other because we are sitting there at the table eating and we could actually talk to each other and then we'd have this awkward silence and laugh. We watched a movie at 6pm--usually we wait till 9pm and the kids are in bed. Even the cats are acting weird without the boys!

I think I'll move my bedroom around today. I have to take the bed apart, but I think I can do it. I've never done that alone before, but hey, who needs a man right?

I walked 3 miles yesterday with my ipod and will do again today. I feel so free!

Well, no great stories really, so I'll go. Can't wait to get the kids on Sunday--I miss them so!

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