Monday, June 12, 2006


That is the word for the day. I just like it. It is freeing. Shoes optional, nuts optional, etc. It lets me decide. Hate is optional. So is anger. Guilt and stress are also optional today! Have a nice day, (optional).

With both Isaac and Jeff’s birthdays past, we can concentrate on the rest of the month’s activities. I believe there is a camping trip, Kuna Fun Days for the kids, a BBQ competition, three tests for me for my online course, a couple nights out with friends and last but not least, helping Todd move into his new place. He has been staying with us and will for two more weeks. It looks to be a busy month.

And yet, I have had so much fun with my boys! I forgot how nice it is to sleep in on week days! They both usually wake up around 830am and climb in bed with me. It is a great way to start the day! We decide what to eat and what to do after that. We plan the day, loosely, remember, everything is optional!

Jeff and I had planned a Vegas trip for today through Saturday of this week, but cancelled it. There is too much going on around here for us to just take off. However, there is the trip to Vegas that myself, Britt, Andi and Deon are taking to celebrate Britt’s 21st bday. We leave Aug. 31 and come back September 4th. Now that will be one fun trip! Andi is Britt’s mom, and Deon is Todd’s ex. We all still love each other so kept the Vegas trip planned despite Todd and Deon’s breakup last month. It’s hard to break up the girls!

I hope you all are having a fabulous start to summer. Keep in touch!