Monday, May 22, 2006

Goins On

Hi all. My last two posts were insane, but hey. Anyhoo, I'm a bit more stable today. Last week I went on two field trips--one with 47 second graders and the other with 50 six year olds. Sheesh. Good thing I'm on meds! It was fun to see the excited faces and eat lunch in the beautiful parks. I know my kids are growing so fast and soon they won't want me to go with them on field trips, so I enjoyed both days to the fullest.

Other garden is looking fantastic! I made two raised bed out of rocks. Boulders really. We got the rocks up by Murphy. I've planted the cool veggies and will plant the rest this week. Everything is sprouting and looks so cute! I spend hours out there.

Isaac's bday is coming up and we have a weekend full of plans for the 3-5th. Jeff's is on the 10th and I might throw a party. Never have. Sounds good to me. Better get on planning that!

We are going camping for one night this coming Memorial Day. I am a one night camper. Don't know where though. We will just drive till it looks good I suppose. I am so glad Jeff is getting less anal as we get older. I'm rubbing off on him!

Well, just wanted to say hey and give a short update. Love you all.