Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Birthday Blahs...

Okay. I turned 36 on Sunday. My family and friends were wonderful and made me feel loved and appreciated. However, I am 36. Closer to 40 than 30. Do you ever feel like life is slipping away and you haven't done half the things you want to do? Well, that is how I feel.

The weather is not helping. I need sunshine! I need green grass! I need flowers!

Well as long as the weather is nasty, I at least will have a fantastic TV to keep me entertained! For my bday present, Jeff bought me a 56 inch HDTV! It is being delivered Thursday and I can't wait to lay in front of it all weekend.

That is it for today...just some depressing age and weather news. Maybe next time I will have some very super news to share!

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