Monday, January 30, 2006

Getting Ready!

The wait is killing me! As some of you know, we are flying to Disneyland on the 1st of February. Jeff and I have not told the boys and won't until we arrive at the airport that morning! We've been planning this for two months and keeping it a secret is so hard! I've managed to pack the boys' suitcases and stow them away. Now just getting Jeff's and my things together will be easy. We'll swing down to San Diego and Sea World next Saturday. We will arrive home at 10pm on the 6th. Of course I'll write about our trip when we get back!

Over the weekend, we moved my sister Amy into her new place here in Kuna. She started at St. Luke's this morning, and Kinslee is now in school with Benjamin at Hubbard. My parents are here to help for the week while we are away. After we get back, Kinslee will come to our house after school until Amy gets home from work. I think it will work out fine. Thanks to all of you who have been praying for her and the kids. God really has provided so many things to make her move go smoothly.

Take care until next week!