Thursday, December 29, 2005

End of Year Thoughts

Hello all. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! We did--my whole family from Salmon came and we had 16 people under one roof for 4 days and 3 nights! Cozy, but fun!

The teens kept busy with GameCube--Jeff bought 4 wireless controllers so everyone could play at once, but the kids decided it was more fun taking turns on one controller! Sheesh--if we'd only had one, they would have been fighting over it!

We played some fun games--Crap or Fact, Apples to Apples and Finish Lines. Lots of food and drink, and of course silliness. The three little kids, my two and Kinslee (Amy's) couldn't wait for Santa and were buzzed up on goofballs until almost midnight. That made it extremely hard for Santa--he was already exhausted from the last several days, and had so much work to do after everyone was alseep! He survived with a little help from Mrs. Claus!

Todd and Deon came out and spent Friday evening with us all. They are such a great couple and she is a complete hoot. We all love her to pieces and hope Todd makes an honest woman out of her fairly soon! (Hint, hint, Todd!) I think I've heard whisperings about Mexico in the spring, but nothing concrete yet.

Some of us went to church on Christmas Eve while the others stayed home and fixed tacos. The sunset that night was incredible to watch!

We finally did a Christmas picture this year--for the last three years, something always happened to ruin it! Jeff had a digital camera on his list, so I told him to just go buy what he wanted to save me the hassle! He bought it a couple of weeks before Christmas and we took our family pics with it. We really like it and have lots of fun with it. How did we live without it for so long?

One of my favorite gifts this year was from myself! I got the DVDs of Long Way Round--the 20,000 mile motorcycle trip Ewan McGregor (greatest actor alive) and his friend Charlie took around the world. I already had the book. Fantastic adventure and highly entertaining!

I took the tree and everything else down today. Can't stand lingering holidays. I wish everyone else would follow suit. I don't know why, but pretty lights and tacky blow up yard ornaments really bother me after Dec. 29th.

What will this new year bring? Well, we have a super fun trip planned that the kids no nothing about! That will be happening the first week of Feburary, and involves planes rides and the ocean!

We are also planning a trip to Vegas for just me and Jeff and a trip to either Reno or Vegas with Todd and Deon. Of course, we will be in Salmon several times I'm sure--to float the river and see family and friends.

By the way, I quit my job Dec. 8th and don't plan on working again until spring time. I was burned out after a year of nights away from Jeff and the kids. It's too hard on our family, so I gave it up. I don't really miss it--except maybe the money thing!

Well, time for the rambling to end. I love you all and hope you are careful on New Year's Eve. We will be home like always eating seafood and watching movies. Give us a call!