Monday, October 24, 2005

Reno Trip

Hey all. I could live in a casino. I love the smell, the sounds, all of it. It's such a happy place!

We've had such a good two weeks, not just Reno, but with family too. After my surgery on the 12th, Jeff's folks came down for the weekend and we had a fabulous time! We all attended the MS Awards dinner Friday and had so much fun. Saturday we spent cooking and eating and visiting. Todd and Deon were here with Maddi and Britt came out too. Some of us (I won't say who!) even sat out on the patio smoking cigars and telling crap stories!! What a great time!

The day Bud and Jan left, my folks arrived! We got them all straight about the kid's school schedules etc., and flew out at 7am Tuesday for Reno. It has been so long since Jeff and I had time alone, it was so heavenly to get away from the norm.

We stayed at the Silver Legacy downtown. We slept, ate and gambled whenever we wanted to--heaven!! We rented a car on Thursday and drove to California. We visited the Donner Memorial museum and bought a bunch of stuff for the kids and family. That is a place full of histroy and I loved every minute. We then drove around lake Tahoe. Gorgeous.

All in all, the food, extra sleep, winning money and time spent with Jeff was just what I needed! We actually won money, me on the dollar slots ($335) and Jeff at Craps ($200). How fun!

Jeff also cut off all his hair the morning we left Reno! (It was almost half-way down his back.) I love it either way, but I think he is regretful.

Well, now we are back to normal. I quit my job at EDS--long story. I start tonight at the mall--less money, less hours, but I couldn't handle EDS any longer!

Keep in touch with me whoever reads this! Love you all...Julie