Thursday, April 07, 2005

Pet Peeves

#1--People who go 40mph on the freeway on-ramp. FYI to those people--Idaho law states you must be going 75 by the time you enter the freeway. (If Idaho law doesn't really say that, it should, but I am darn sure it doesn't say go 40!)

#2--Having mulitiple phones in the house, but none anywhere around me when it rings.

#3--When the mail lady comes at 4pm everyday for a year and at 2pm on the day I planned to put a letter out for her to pick up.

#4--The Schwan's man coming to my area 5-6 times a day. That means I have to pretend to be gone 5-6 times that day, or answer the door once and get two boxes of ice cream bars that I HAVE to eat so they don't go bad before he comes again.

#5--No matter how far apart I put the cats' water from their food, they always manage to get food in the water and I have to constantly change it--beacuse they won't touch it if it has food in it!

#6--Twice now, upon see me in a public place, my hair stylist making a comment about my color or cut needing updated. And I thought I looked beautiful those times she saw me! I was so sure of it! Cripes!

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