Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Spring Break....Wheeee!!

Even though it is freezing outside and the wind is blowing, Spring is here! My flowers are coming up and my lilacs are budding out. I like the fresh smell in the air and LOVE the rain we've been getting all week.

About two weeks ago, we decided to actually go somewhere for Spring Break this year. After researching both Virgina Cities, one Nevada and one Montana, I decided to go south. So, today is the day we take off. We'll stay in Winnemucca then Sparks and get back in 4-5 days. The kids are jacked! We are going to explore gold mines, etc. I am looking forward to all of the Old West history, i.e. the Comstock Load, railroad history, etc. I think Jeff is looking forward to just doing something different than he does everyday!

My parents have been in Quartzite, AZ this month with their friends. They take the RV and head out for fun and sun. They visit Mexico and always buy us the funnest stuff from the flea markets there. They will come home next week and stay with us for several days before heading back to Salmon.

Then, on April 1, Jeff's folks will be down and we are all going to a hockey game. It is going to be a fun couple of weeks!

My job at EDS has been up and down. I seem to be somewhat of a trouble maker I guess. I've caused some waves and had to speak to my boss's boss and the Kelly Services rep. Not working steadily for almost 7 years makes it a bit difficult to be told what to do by someone full of himself and who goes completely by the book--I am the sort who likes to wing it and go with the flow--we have different work styles. Plus he wears white socks and clogs with short pants. I can hardly take him seriously!

Well, the kids are bouncing off the wall with excitement and I still need to pack. We are also going into Boise today and visit with my Gma Bea (93) who is visiting her son. Hope you are all well. Love ya!