Thursday, December 29, 2005

End of Year Thoughts

Hello all. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! We did--my whole family from Salmon came and we had 16 people under one roof for 4 days and 3 nights! Cozy, but fun!

The teens kept busy with GameCube--Jeff bought 4 wireless controllers so everyone could play at once, but the kids decided it was more fun taking turns on one controller! Sheesh--if we'd only had one, they would have been fighting over it!

We played some fun games--Crap or Fact, Apples to Apples and Finish Lines. Lots of food and drink, and of course silliness. The three little kids, my two and Kinslee (Amy's) couldn't wait for Santa and were buzzed up on goofballs until almost midnight. That made it extremely hard for Santa--he was already exhausted from the last several days, and had so much work to do after everyone was alseep! He survived with a little help from Mrs. Claus!

Todd and Deon came out and spent Friday evening with us all. They are such a great couple and she is a complete hoot. We all love her to pieces and hope Todd makes an honest woman out of her fairly soon! (Hint, hint, Todd!) I think I've heard whisperings about Mexico in the spring, but nothing concrete yet.

Some of us went to church on Christmas Eve while the others stayed home and fixed tacos. The sunset that night was incredible to watch!

We finally did a Christmas picture this year--for the last three years, something always happened to ruin it! Jeff had a digital camera on his list, so I told him to just go buy what he wanted to save me the hassle! He bought it a couple of weeks before Christmas and we took our family pics with it. We really like it and have lots of fun with it. How did we live without it for so long?

One of my favorite gifts this year was from myself! I got the DVDs of Long Way Round--the 20,000 mile motorcycle trip Ewan McGregor (greatest actor alive) and his friend Charlie took around the world. I already had the book. Fantastic adventure and highly entertaining!

I took the tree and everything else down today. Can't stand lingering holidays. I wish everyone else would follow suit. I don't know why, but pretty lights and tacky blow up yard ornaments really bother me after Dec. 29th.

What will this new year bring? Well, we have a super fun trip planned that the kids no nothing about! That will be happening the first week of Feburary, and involves planes rides and the ocean!

We are also planning a trip to Vegas for just me and Jeff and a trip to either Reno or Vegas with Todd and Deon. Of course, we will be in Salmon several times I'm sure--to float the river and see family and friends.

By the way, I quit my job Dec. 8th and don't plan on working again until spring time. I was burned out after a year of nights away from Jeff and the kids. It's too hard on our family, so I gave it up. I don't really miss it--except maybe the money thing!

Well, time for the rambling to end. I love you all and hope you are careful on New Year's Eve. We will be home like always eating seafood and watching movies. Give us a call!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Reno Trip

Hey all. I could live in a casino. I love the smell, the sounds, all of it. It's such a happy place!

We've had such a good two weeks, not just Reno, but with family too. After my surgery on the 12th, Jeff's folks came down for the weekend and we had a fabulous time! We all attended the MS Awards dinner Friday and had so much fun. Saturday we spent cooking and eating and visiting. Todd and Deon were here with Maddi and Britt came out too. Some of us (I won't say who!) even sat out on the patio smoking cigars and telling crap stories!! What a great time!

The day Bud and Jan left, my folks arrived! We got them all straight about the kid's school schedules etc., and flew out at 7am Tuesday for Reno. It has been so long since Jeff and I had time alone, it was so heavenly to get away from the norm.

We stayed at the Silver Legacy downtown. We slept, ate and gambled whenever we wanted to--heaven!! We rented a car on Thursday and drove to California. We visited the Donner Memorial museum and bought a bunch of stuff for the kids and family. That is a place full of histroy and I loved every minute. We then drove around lake Tahoe. Gorgeous.

All in all, the food, extra sleep, winning money and time spent with Jeff was just what I needed! We actually won money, me on the dollar slots ($335) and Jeff at Craps ($200). How fun!

Jeff also cut off all his hair the morning we left Reno! (It was almost half-way down his back.) I love it either way, but I think he is regretful.

Well, now we are back to normal. I quit my job at EDS--long story. I start tonight at the mall--less money, less hours, but I couldn't handle EDS any longer!

Keep in touch with me whoever reads this! Love you all...Julie

Friday, September 23, 2005


I love fall! The smell. The crisp air. The falling leaves. Sweaters. All the things that go with fall--I love! It is and always has been my favorite season. I met Jeff in the fall of 1986. It is a great season to fall in love! And now all these falls later, I still love him. Amazing!

I had a facial this morning. Wonderful. I highly recommend if you've never indulged. It had been awhile since my last one. This one was the best I've ever had. I went to Viziato Spa in Boise. It is a very nice place with great people. If you go, ask for Karen--she is very dedicated to her craft.

Running is going great. I had to take a few days off though, as my knees were killing me! Now they feel better. I think my mechanics were off. I'll try again tomorrow.

The boys are doing well in school--Isaac is reading so well--about a grade level above his age. Ben is enjoying everyday in "K." I love looking through all their papers every week. It amazes me what they are capable of. I KNOW I was not even that bright when I was their age. I think kids are just plain smarter these days!

This weekend we will attack the yard--airating, weed and feeding, etc. What a pain. I thnk I'll hire a yard man next year!

The boys and I will be going to Salmon next weekend for Homecoming and to watch John Rosin play football. I can't wait to see my family there, I don't get to visit with them enough. Jeff will be here working feverishly on a new software release coming up the following week at work. He works so hard. I appreciate him very much and all he does to support our family (and my facials!).

Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Last book I read: Long Way Round, Ewen McGregor and Charlie Boorman
A great read about their round the world ride on motorcycles which they took the summer of 2004. I can't wait for the documentary to come out on DVD!

New CDs: Sloan, The Stills, and Phantoms

New Goal: Running

I started today. I borrowed Jeff's Rio MP3 player, but just until he loads my new ipod with songs. As soon as I got the kids on the bus at 7:50am, I headed out. It felt pretty awful at first, since I am mainly, um, lazy. But the longer I ran, the better I felt. By the time I got home, I'd realized I really need running shoes, as my Nike mules gave me several blisters on my heels, owwwww. So, I ordered up some running shoes with 2 day delivery. I hope this is something I can keep at, as I tend to do something like this for about two weeks. People say running is addictive--I hope so, because I need to be addicted to something besides ice cream and Mexican food!

The boys are liking school. I am growing used to being alone at home for the first time in 7 years! I basically have all morning to do whatever. Ben gets home at 11:15am, then Isaac gets home at 3:15pm. It's a nice set-up! I leave for work at 6pm and get home around 11:45pm. I don't get as much sleep as I'd like, but I guess no one does!

Ok, well that is my speel today. Hope you are well! Me.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Summer Update

Hi all. Despite trying not to be too scheduled this summer, we are still busier than I'd like.

The kids have each gone to a week long summer camp, and now we are in the middle of swim lessons. These are in Kuna, making my life much easier! So many things we do are in Meridian or Boise, and we drive all the time to get everywhere. Sometimes, ok, most of the time, I feel like I want to move to the BIG city and walk everywhere, from school to cafes and work. That would be so nice......alas, I live in Kuna!

The hot weather just hit a few days ago and it feels awful. I prefer cooler temps. I am seem to be somewhat pessamistic this morning. Sorry. Let's see if I can report something positive.....

My supervisor at work has created a permanent position for me, and is in the process of rolling me over from my temp agency to EDS. It will take a few months to get through the process.

We did not make it to Salmon for the 4th., something we've done for several years now. Both Jeff and I had to work the 3rd and 4th. We still had a great time with the boys and the fireworks! The boys got absolutely stoked and examined the fireworks for days before. Isaac would read the directions on each one over and over to Benjamin! While Jeff was lighting them, Isaac would inform Jeff how it was to be done!! Afterward, we all layed out on the back lawn looking at stars and fireworks.

Today the boys and I are headed to a berry farm where we will pick raspberries and blueberries which we will use to make freezer jam, and pancakes, muffins, etc. We are going with our good friend Eva and her troop of kids (4!). How is she not at Saint Al's mental ward?

Jeff and I are going to Reno for a short weekend in Oct. October seems very far away this morning....have a great

Monday, May 02, 2005

Mother's Day and Work

Since my mom never reads this, its safe for me to announce that I will be surprising her this weekend by driving to Salmon (by myself!) to attend a Mother's Day luncheon with her and my sisters. I'll hide out at Jenny's Friday night and show up at the luncheon. I can't wait to see her face!

This week is busy but good. I have a lot of preschool business to plan. Being the president was fun, but I am ready to pass the baton. It is a great school, and I am so glad both my boys attended. If any of you need a great preschool, call me and I'll give you details.

I am also looking forward to the MS Walk in Salmon the weekend after this. May 14th we will walk and raise money to fight the disese that Jeff's mom is suffering from. We have a good-sized group signed up and plan on having a ball! If you want to come and join us, call or just show up at the Sacajawea Center in Salmon.

Work is going well at EDS. I've quit bucking the system and now just do as I'm told--I am basically a droid on the phone. I still try to help my customers, but the scripting I have to say to every customer is so silly. The customer doesn't want to hear it and I don't want to say it, but I will say it if I want to keep working there!! So the next time you call a business, and the gal or guy on the phone asks you bunches of questions that have nothing to do with why you called, just bear with them. They have to say it! And at the end of the call when they offer you the daily "sale" let them fly through the scripting and then just say "no thank you." Taking close to 50 calls a night, I can say those scripts in my sleep! It's really not so bad once you get used to it....

Speaking of work, I better finish up the laundry and get ready to go. Have a super day!

Monday, April 25, 2005

Smells Like Spring

I knew spring was close the other night when I left work because I could smell it! I love that smell!

So, this last weekend, I purchased 17 burning bushes and a crabapple tree!! Jeff loved digging all those holes! I loved watching him sweat! I have more growing things on my list to get, but thought I'd better give Jeff a rest for a week or so!!

The kids are getting ready for school to end. Me too. I am looking forward to mornings of leisure once again! We are planning some fun stuff for summer though. Isaac has signed up for a week long science camp sponsored by the Oregon Science Museum, and Ben will be going to a "mud" camp! He will learn the basics of sculpting clay at the Boise Art Museum. They have some really neat programs.

Of course we'll do swimming again and take a few trips to Salmon. But for now, I am just enjoying the spring now that it is finally here! I want a garden, but of course that will involved Jeff's time and muscle again to build me some boxes to put dirt in! He is so handy to have around!

Gotta run--have a great day!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Pet Peeves

#1--People who go 40mph on the freeway on-ramp. FYI to those people--Idaho law states you must be going 75 by the time you enter the freeway. (If Idaho law doesn't really say that, it should, but I am darn sure it doesn't say go 40!)

#2--Having mulitiple phones in the house, but none anywhere around me when it rings.

#3--When the mail lady comes at 4pm everyday for a year and at 2pm on the day I planned to put a letter out for her to pick up.

#4--The Schwan's man coming to my area 5-6 times a day. That means I have to pretend to be gone 5-6 times that day, or answer the door once and get two boxes of ice cream bars that I HAVE to eat so they don't go bad before he comes again.

#5--No matter how far apart I put the cats' water from their food, they always manage to get food in the water and I have to constantly change it--beacuse they won't touch it if it has food in it!

#6--Twice now, upon see me in a public place, my hair stylist making a comment about my color or cut needing updated. And I thought I looked beautiful those times she saw me! I was so sure of it! Cripes!

Monday, April 04, 2005

Music, movies, books.

This is what I have been listening to lately...

Seven Places
Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
Rod Stewart, Great American Love Songs I and II
Sound of Music Soundtrack
Keith Urban
John Mayer
Hawk Nelson
Three Doors Down

My favorite movies...

Moulin Rouge
Gone With The Wind
The Notebook
Dumb and Dumber

I am currently reading...

a novel about California's history
The Civil War
a 1960's American History college text book (found in used book store for $3!)
A Godward Life

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Spring Break....Wheeee!!

Even though it is freezing outside and the wind is blowing, Spring is here! My flowers are coming up and my lilacs are budding out. I like the fresh smell in the air and LOVE the rain we've been getting all week.

About two weeks ago, we decided to actually go somewhere for Spring Break this year. After researching both Virgina Cities, one Nevada and one Montana, I decided to go south. So, today is the day we take off. We'll stay in Winnemucca then Sparks and get back in 4-5 days. The kids are jacked! We are going to explore gold mines, etc. I am looking forward to all of the Old West history, i.e. the Comstock Load, railroad history, etc. I think Jeff is looking forward to just doing something different than he does everyday!

My parents have been in Quartzite, AZ this month with their friends. They take the RV and head out for fun and sun. They visit Mexico and always buy us the funnest stuff from the flea markets there. They will come home next week and stay with us for several days before heading back to Salmon.

Then, on April 1, Jeff's folks will be down and we are all going to a hockey game. It is going to be a fun couple of weeks!

My job at EDS has been up and down. I seem to be somewhat of a trouble maker I guess. I've caused some waves and had to speak to my boss's boss and the Kelly Services rep. Not working steadily for almost 7 years makes it a bit difficult to be told what to do by someone full of himself and who goes completely by the book--I am the sort who likes to wing it and go with the flow--we have different work styles. Plus he wears white socks and clogs with short pants. I can hardly take him seriously!

Well, the kids are bouncing off the wall with excitement and I still need to pack. We are also going into Boise today and visit with my Gma Bea (93) who is visiting her son. Hope you are all well. Love ya!