Monday, December 06, 2004

What Bugs Me?

Getting Christmas cards on NOVEMBER 30 (I had two in my mailbox that day!).

People who have their entire houses decked out completely... I mean miniture trains, wrapped presents, Christmas art hanging on the the first week of December.

Truckers who put wreaths on their grills.

Tacky yard extentions cords.

Now don't get me wrong...I love Christmas. Let me re-phrase that...I love the meaning of Christmas. It seems as though all people care about is getting stuff and out doing their neighbor on lights and blow up Santas and FurReal reindeer on the roof. It has become a competition. Well, I'm not competing this year.

Yes, we have lights on our house. We decorated our mantle last night and put some decor in other parts of the house. We have some presents bought, but not yet wrapped. We will put our tree up on my sister's birthday like we usually do....Dec. 11! (The horror--that is almost the middle of December!!!!!--I know. People who put the tree up Thanksgiving Day almost choke when they find out how late we put ours up!)

However, I'm not going to be pressured into feeling rushed or consider myself a Scrooge if my house and timeline doesn't meet my neighbors' or other people I know or visit.

This year my goal is to enjoy the season and focus on Him. I want my kids to understand that its not about toys, and Gameboys (which they don't have, but want, and aren't getting). Fortunately, Jeff feels like I do about this.

We recently saw "Christmas With The Kranks." I didn't want to, but did and am glad I spent the $22.50. We had our kids with us and all of us enjoyed it. The premise is about a couple who wants to skip Christmas and take a cruise. Their neighbors are appalled. The Kranks made them lose the decorating contest because they didn't put any lights out!

This year I don't want to be like the Krank's neighbors. I don't want to be like the Kranks and skip Christmas either. I just want a happy medium--I hope you all have one too!

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