Sunday, December 12, 2004

Tree Fight, Vomit and Dragon Eggs

Hi. I am writing to tell about our weekend. From the title, you can guess it was a weird one.

Friday night started out great! We were going to buy a Christmas tree! We enjoyed A&W and then headed over to Home Depot. We had previously discussed buying an imitation this year, but hadn't really carved it in stone. So.....we looked at imitation, sort of glanced out at the real, back and forth. Well, it turned into a debate and ended up with Jeff and I giving each other the silent treatment for the next 24 hours.

About 2am that next morning, Jeff started vomiting. I'd like to think it was because he was so sick over our disagreement, but I think it was some food poisoning or something. Saturday, he layed around and me and the boys put up the artificial tree (it's beautiful!). Since I wasn't talking to Jeff, I gave him AlkaSeltzer every four hours then left him alone. I know, I'm a cold woman. I just couldn't get over the fight. He didn't want to talk to me either, so we were both fine with the situation.

Sunday was a quiet day at home while Jeff recovered. We started speaking and even apologized. I tried cooking some things--they were horrible. The boys took the balls off the tree and put them in a box. They pretended they were dragon eggs and took very good care of them until they hatched.

Over all, the weekend was a success--our tree is up, the kids played with their friends from the neighborhood, Jeff recovered and actually caught up on his sleep and I had a great conversation with my sister Amy--who celebrated her birthday on Sat. I also talked to my mom and she thought my marital struggle was quite hilarious!! I'm glad she got a kick out of it.

Marriage is funny. Sometimes you love your spouse with all your heart--and sometimes you'd like to run them down with the car--I mean sometimes you'd like to not talk to them for 24 hours!!

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