Monday, December 20, 2004

Christmas Music, Wet Stuffed Animals, A Good Man and Wacky Phone Calls

I have been listening to Christmas music everyday for about a month now. I like them all, but one of my favorites is "The First Noel." Each night at bedtime for the boys, I put on a CD of children singing Christmas music. Isaac has memorized most of them and is not shy about singing loudly! As he belted out "The First Noel" last night, my heart almost burst with love! He absolutely does the best version!!

For the past several weeks, Ben has insisted on taking his 3 favorite stuffed animals in the tub with him--sometimes twice a day! He washes their hair, combs them, sings to them, takes them everywhere and even saved his Taco Time leftovers for them yesterday! Since it makes him so happy, I have resigned myself to using multiple washcloths as towels for his friends. He lays them out beside the fireplace to dry. If they are not quite dry by bedtime, I put them in the dryer--because he can't sleep without "his guys!" Their names are: wolfie (a wolf!), mousie (a mouse!), and Raccy (a raccoon!). I love this age!!

Jeff is busy working on a contract job he took on a couple of weeks ago. He is also getting up at 3am to go to Micron so he can get home and be with the boys while I go to my training class for a job I am starting in January. What a guy! I don't know how he does it all. He keeps going even on 4 hours of sleep, which is what he gets most nights. I on the other hand become a crazed lunatic if I don't sleep at least 6 hours!

Like I mentioned, in January, I will start a part time job at EDS through Kelly Services. I will be taking inbound calls from customers who need to change their account information. Sounds easy, but they train for 5-6 weeks (1/2 days) and I am amazed at the process I will go through on each and every call. It's like McDonalds--there is a specific way to make each hamburger--and there is a specific way to give good customer service on the phone. Part of the training requires that I listen in on live phone calls with seasoned agents. Let's just say there are some very strange people out there. And they talk about the weirdest things. I think this will be an interesting job. I was afraid I would get bored taking phone calls 5 hours a night, but with the variety of people here and in Canada--I don't think that will be a problem!

We are staying here in Kuna for Christmas--probably take the kids to a few movies, sleep, eat and enjoy the down time. The kids will be singing at church on Christmas Eve. I hope all of you have a refreshing Christmas.

Oh--our Christmas pictures didn't turn out again--so, we will be doing cards later--maybe for the New Year. Have a great Holiday!!

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