Sunday, November 28, 2004

Do People Really Read These Things?

Hi whoever is reading this. Jeff assures me this is the latest and greatest way to communicate...

This is my first attempt at blogging. I feel like Greta from Fox News...she has a blog and I read it sometimes. How does she find the time? Anywhoo, here is info you'll find interesting if you love me....(if you don't, quit now) :

We just returned from Salmon tonight. We spent five days there bouncing between Jeff's folks and mine. I also spent time with my almost 93 year old Gma Bea, my sister Amy and her family and my other Gma, Mary. My mom hosted 25 people for dinner on Thanksgiving Day (the entire Udy clan from Leadore came and also our close family friends Jay and Lois Bowman and their grandson, Morgan). Mom can really throw a party! Everyone brought food and booze and we got all liquered up...oh, Jeff says I shouldn't try and make my life more interesting, so strike that last comment about the booze.

Our boys, Isaac and Benjamin had a blast with their cousins. The only family members missing were the Rosins (my sister Jenny and her brood) who spend the holiday in Twin with Curt's folks. They graciously allowed us (the Summers brood) to invade their empty house and stay there for the duration of our visit. It is such a nice and comfortable house they just finished remodeling (I think it took two years!). I broke two of her things, but super glued them back to normal. I informed her, but didn't tell her what they were. That way she'll never know!

While in Salmon, Amy, me and mom took in the annual Cheerleader's Bazaar which is a tradition the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I refrained from purchasing anything, but visited with Kim Caywood Kesl, who I haven't seen or talked to since graduation night 16 years ago!! She looks absolutely the same-- still sweet and beautiful!

I love spending time in Salmon with my entire family from both sides. The Summers gang--Bud, Jan, Todd, Jeff, me, our two kids and Todd's three gorgeous daughters, Britt, Mikenna and Madison visited the old Roxy Theatre (River Cinemas now) and took in Christmas with Kranks. It was funnier than I expected--I think I blew a lung laughing at the Botox scene!

Well, tomorrow starts another week full of exciting wonder. Yes, I am not serious. I hope those who are reading are still awake. I have been instructed to blog frequently, so check back for more "on the edge of your seat" excitement!